Archimedes' Catapult (page 5 ) Archimedes' and Poseidon's Magic

Archimedes’ Catapult
King Hiero asked Archimedes to build war machines to defend Greece against the Romans.  Archimedes invented the catapult.
Materials: 9 popsicle sticks, 5 rubber bands, spoon
STEP ONE: Take 7 sticks and fasten together with a rubber band near one end.
STEP TWO: Add a rubber band to the opposite end
STEP THREE: Take two sticks, fasten together with a rubber band as close to the end as possible
STEP FOUR: Insert the stack of 7 sticks between the two sticks (see picture below)
STEP FIVE: Make an X with a rubber band to hold the 9 sticks together (see picture below)
STEP SIX: Use a rubber band to attach the spoon to the end of the top stick (see picture below)
Mini Marshmallow Catapult
What’s Up? The catapult throws objects into the air over great distances by releasing tension that is stored in the flexed piece of wood.                                                       5