Amazing Water (page 7) Archimedes and Poseidon's Magic

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Amazing Water
Drops on a Penny
Materials: penny, eyedropper and water
STEP ONE: Place the penny on the table.
STEP TWO: Use the eyedropper to drop water onto the penny.
STEP THREE: Count the drops.

WHAT’S UP? Surface tension is an effect within the surface layer of a liquid that causes it to behave as an elastic sheet. The water molecules pull together so the drops don't fall.

More surface tension
Materials: bowl, cup of nonfat milk, food coloring, tsp detergent
STEP ONE: Pour milk into bowl
STEP TWO: Drop food coloring in center of bowl.
STEP THREE: Finally add detergent to outside of bowl.
WHAT’S UP? The detergent weakens the surface tension and draws the food coloring to the outside of the bowl.