Projects and Games

One Day
J is for Jupiter

Combine with
Planets, Planet Shape Book for longer project
Proportionate Size Planets

One Trimester
Dinosaur Days & Water Conservation
Culminating Activity
Host Dino Days for Primary Grade

Year Long
Year End Fair

Culminating activity:
Host fair with games based on social studies events or civilizations

I’m done early, what do I do?
Locate the countries for the New Seven Wonders of the World

For a Change of Pace
Build Schemata for any subject
Select 30+ books on topic you will be teaching.
Create questions from each book.
Allow 15 minutes
For students to read/answer questions from each book
Example on pages 3-8 of Project: Comic
Upside Down Day
Begin with the normal end of the day and work backwards to what you normally begin the day with.
Write assignments upside down on white board.
Works well if you didn’t get everything cleaned up from the day before or to throw the class off balance
Independent Study
Each student receives an assignment sheet with all the work required for the day.
All materials are on the students' desks
Students may work on assignments in any order.
Teacher explains all assignments at beginning of day.
Give each student TWO tickets that allow one question per ticket
(after assignments have been explained.)

Works for behavior control and to allow time for working with students one-on-one or in small groups

Spelling for One
  • Each student selects 20 words from a recent writing assignment.
  • Words must be at least 5 letters, suffixes do not count
  • Student writes sentence for each spelling word.
  • Underline the spelling word.
  • Look up word in dictionary; write down guide words from page.

  • Use word processing program to type sentence, using spell check. Print out
  • On spelling test day, students pair up, exchange list of sentences, give tests.

· The class is divided into three groups
· Group one works independently on R & R activity: art, puzzles, project
· Group two works with the teacher to learn new concept or review
· Group three works independently: silent reading, worksheet to reinforce new concept, Accelerated Math, Accelerated Reading
· Groups rotate every thirty minutes
Use this format throughout the year to focus on new or review standards.


Review Game Teacher created game board that provides review in six different subject areas.

Teams compete in timed challenge to answer test review questions

Reading Comprehension Card Game Students use characters from books they have read to make a deck of cards

This is a replica of a well preserved game board constructed by the Sumerians. The original is over 4,500 years old.
What information does the game board tell us about the Sumerians?

Vocabulary Cards Teams match vocabulary words to definitions