Cooperative Art
Originally highlighted as a Team Building Activity
(1) Each member of your group, select an object that represents them
(2) Make a silhouette of each object
(3) Trace each object 10 to 15 on a large piece of white construction paper OVERLAP the pictures
(4) Each group member select a different color crayon or colored pencil
(5) Color your picture, this is the tricky part.
DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE SHAPES, color only inside the lines

Art in the Style of Various Artists
When all twelve have been completed; students compile a calendar for Mother's Day.
To make calendar:
Materials:    scissors, glue, hole punch
                  For each student:
                       12 sheets of construction paper 12 inches by 18 inches
                       copies of 12 monthly calendars
                         (from May of current year through June of next year)
                       description of artist's style
                       2 rings
  1. Glue picture, calendar and description of artist to construction paper
  2. Laminate
  3. Use hole punch to make two holes at top
  4. Join together with rings
 Directions for Aububon

Directions for Escher

 Copies of actual works of art are from