A is for Writer
Two authors and their pictures for each letter of the alphabet
Dictate the information for one letter each Monday
Have students take test Friday by filling in information sheet
Enforces note taking and study skills
A is for Writer Information
Fill in Forms

Comic Face Book
Use comic strips to create a parts of speech book
Comic Face Book

Read a paragraph without punctuation, examples of change in meaning without commas, comma rules

Excitement Graph
Read a chapter book.
Divide students into groups.
Have students rate each chapter, on a scale of 1 to 10, according to its excitement level.
Find the mean of all the groups’ scores.
Make a line graph.

Directions for writing different types of poetry: I am, Quatrain, Diamante, Haiku and Limerick

Sentence Sense
Students take a group of individual words and use them to form a sentence that makes sense
Sentence Sense

One Hundred Word Multiple Choice Spelling Test (Two Versions)
Introduce ten words at a time
Test on the ten new words plus the words from the previous lessons
Includes: List of 100 Words, Multiple Choice Test, Work Sheets
Spelling 100 Work Sheets for List 2

What do you mean?
Activities for apostrophes, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, figurative language, multiple meanings and idioms.
What do you mean?

Name Banner
-->  Materials: 9 X 24 inch construction paper, 1 1/2 X 9 inch white strip, glue, crayons or markers
STEP ONE:   Make a list
Write an adjective that describes you for each of the other letters in your first name
Use the “Adjectives for Name Banner” PDF file
Adjectives for Name Banner 
STEP TWO:   Assemble Banner
Glue white strips to construction paper
Use crayon or marker to write the adjective